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Killer Forehand Video (Copyright 2001) (VHS) - Training Videos -

Now you can learn from the most famous and successful coach in tennis! Nick Bollettieri has developed and coached many of the world's top players, including Andre Agassi, Monica Seles, Boris Becker, Mary Pierce, Tommy Haas, and Anna Kournikova. His teaching techniques and effective coaching methods have formed the foundation for these videos, letting you share in his world-renowned knowledge. Killer Forehand offers a step-by-step explanation of the key components to develop the ultimate forehand weapon. The video presents a complete training program-including footwork, balance, racket preparation, and follow-through-designed to build the perfect winning forehand. With target training, technique drills, and match simulation, this tape will help you gain a better understanding of the 'killer' forehand. About the Author Nick Bollettieri is the most well-known and successful tennis coach in the world today, and his training program is recognized as one of the best systems for developin...

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Killer Forehand Video (Copyright 2001) (VHS)

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Markwort Tennis Net Reel - Miscellaneous -

For external-wind tennis posts. Ratioed operaton works easily. Heavy-duty steel construction, removable handle. Slotted to fit most posts. Green acrylic finish. ...

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Markwort Tennis Net Reel

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Classic Round Tennis Posts from Edwards Sports - 1 Pair - Tennis Nets and Posts -

PLEASE NOTE: THIS ITEM CANNOT SHIP VIA 3-DAY DELIVERY. Designed to meet the demanding specifications of the North American market. Constructed from 3'' round tubular steel with integral lacing bars. Polyester powder coated. Complete with brass winder. Ground sleeves not included. Please note that this item cannot be shipped internationally. Please note: this item cannot ship 3 Day. ...

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Classic Round Tennis Posts from Edwards Sports - 1 Pair

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Bill Mountford: Tennis Instruction (DVD) - Tennis DVDs -

Becoming a Champion Tennis Player: The Serve with Bill Mountford, USTA National Tennis Center Director of Tennis (NTC), US Open Director of Player Operations, USPTA Eastern Division President, Founder of the HEAD Junior Tennis Academy (NJ), contributor ('Tips of the Week' & 'Ask Bill' columns) In this excellent 'how to' tennis DVD, Bill Mountford demonstrates over a dozen drills that will help improve your confidence in the 'most important shot in tennis,' the serve! He begins by explaining the basic guidelines of serving, including proper foot positioning, grip strength, racket head acceleration, and ball toss. With the help of his students, Mountford then demonstrates an arsenal of serving drills which focus on improving individual dynamics of the serve, developing all around coordination, and improving performance in pressure situations and under fatigue. In nearly every situation, Mountford explains the drill to you as a player, and provides teaching tips for coaches - ...

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Bill Mountford: Tennis Instruction (DVD)

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Collegiate Center Upright Post with Winch - Tennis Nets and Posts -

Features infinite net height adjustment to 8', allowing volleyball, tennis, and badminton play. Ideal for multipurpose facilities. 4'' O.D. upright is constructed of a strong, yet lightweight anodized extruded aluminum for superior support and long life. Net height is achieved by sliding the inside post rails to desired setting. Easy-to-operate ratchet winch sets net tension. New 5-point net attachment makes set up quick and easy. Height indicator decal includes Men's (7' 11 5/8''), Women's (7' 4 1/8''), and Junior's (7'). Net heights applied in the field to your facility conditions. Exclusive wedge lock holds sliding rail system securely. Meets USVBA, NCAA, and NFHS competition specifications. 10 Year Warranty on post 3 Year Warranty on winch assembly and locking rail ...

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Collegiate Center Upright Post with Winch

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