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Here is our selection of high quality tennis equipment and accessories. There are over four hundred sports products to choose from. They are arranged in categories to make it easier to find the ones that you want.

We have a good selection of tennis balls, and tennis racquets plus equipment for tennis courts such as nets and posts plus tennis ball and racquet carriers.

To help improve your game, we have tennis ball machines, tennis training aids plus coaching videos and DVDs.

As well as tennis equipment we have a selection of Badminton, Handball, Racketball, Squash and Volleyball equipment - nets, rackets (racquets), balls, shuttlecocks etc.

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To give you an idea of the various items that are available, here is a randomly chosen selection of tennis equipment that you will find in this store.

Tennis Machine - Tennis Ball Machines -

Simple Design Durable Portable Runs on rechargeable battery or electricity Holds up to 150 balls Ideal for players of all levels Adjusts for elevation, oscillation and speed. The JUGS Tennis Machine is perfect for use with any skill level, from beginner to professional. With JUGS, you can instantly regulate the spin, (top or back), speed, height, and direction of the ball. You can duplicatedeep ground strokes, high lobs, half volleys and close-to-the-net volleys with uncanny precision. With its easy-to-use control panel, varying between crosscourt and down-the-line shots has never been easier. With JUGS¨ spin control, players can develop a solid and reliable game against flat balls and balls with variations in spin. Spin, Oscillation and Elevation Controls along with the JUGS¨ legendary dual wheel design makes this machine ideal for beginners and advanced level players. Features both standard electricity & built-in rechargeable battery. JUGS is...

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Tennis Machine

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25' Intermediate Tennis Racquet (Set of 3) - Miscellaneous -

Standard size head. 25' all aluminum frame. Nylon strings Leather grip. ...

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25' Intermediate Tennis Racquet (Set of 3)

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21st Century Tennis Drills (DVD) - Tennis DVDs -

with Bill Mountford, USTA National Tennis Center Director of Tennis (NTC), US Open Director of Player Operations, USPTA Eastern Division President, Founder of the HEAD Junior Tennis Academy (NJ), contributor ('Tips of the Week' and 'Ask Bill' columns) Bill Mountford demonstrates an innovative way to teach the game that focuses less on structured technique and more on athletic movement--what he calls 'guided discovery' -- through playing the game. Mountford demonstrates this coaching style through a series of 'play-based' drills that can be used to improve overall performance and improve specific skill areas. Mountford demonstrates twelve drills that can be modified to develop specific areas of the game. Each drill is designed to aid different areas of the game such as foot movement, closing in on the net, teamwork, quick volleys, shot selection, ball judgment, ball tracking, and fast movement dynamics. Each drill is competitive and fast-paced enough to condition players d...

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21st Century Tennis Drills (DVD)

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Wilson Hope 'Extra Duty' Breast Cancer Pink Tennis Balls - (1 Dozen Cans) - Tennis Balls -

Extra Duty Excellent performance and durability on hard courts Set of 1 dozen cans for a total of 36 tennis balls ...

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Wilson Hope 'Extra Duty' Breast Cancer Pink Tennis Balls - (1 Dozen Cans)

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Jet Blast 48' Water Broom - Miscellaneous -

PLEASE NOTE: THIS ITEM CANNOT SHIP VIA 3-DAY DELIVERY. The Jet Blast Broom makes cleaning dirt and debris on all types of surfaces a breeze. Simply attach a standard water hose to the handle and you're ready to go. The 32'' head is fitted with eight high-pressure nozzles, while the 48'' head has 12 nozzles. Constructed of heavy-duty, lightweight aluminum....

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Jet Blast 48' Water Broom

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